Friday, July 20, 2007

in the future we will live in a desk-free society, thank god

so my new library has closed for renovations and i got to speak to the woman in charge of the new design. while i was asking her questions about what fabulous new things we can expect, she told me that they will be gutting our back office and that we will no longer have desks. now, imagine a library. now imagine that the librarians have a back office where they have computers and desks and files and things, where they do work when they're not on the floor helping people. it's important to have desks. i'm sure you can see why. i'm confident that i don't have to explain the fantastic usefulness of desks to you.
so i tried to remain calm and unbitchy when i asked her, "if we don't have desks, where will we put our stuff?"
she looks at me as if i am being a real primadonna. "well," she says, "you can always put your stuff in your locker."
yes, i am aware that i can put things like my purse and my umbrella in my locker. i am aware of this because i am not a complete idiot.
"yeah," i say, "but where will i put things like my files?"
she then assures me that there should most likely be a filing cabinet...somewhere.
"ok ... but where will i put all my stuff? like my books for storytimes and my arts and crafts stuff and the collection of puppets i just found and all my summer reading prizes etc etc etc."
"well," she begins. oh she has an answer for everything. "why don't you put them in the supply closet."
"there are supplies in the supply closet."
so then we take a little trip to the supply closet and i show her the overflowing unorganized mess of supplies we have there. she looks at it and says, shaking her head back and forth "oh, this should be more organized."
now, i agree with this. but there are no shelves or drawers or anything in the supply closet. so there is no way to organize it. there are no implements of organization.
i mention this to her and then ask her if she has any suggestions on how to organize it and she says, and i quote "hmmm."
i love it when libraries hire special library designers to design their libraries and said designers have never even set foot in a library before. so efficient.

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