Tuesday, July 3, 2007

two more days and i'm out of here

tomorrow is july 4th ... which bbq shall i attend? choices, choices. then thursday i am off to jolly old england! for nine days! woo hoo! so long suckers.
but anyway, today a little girl came up to me at the desk and just kinda stood there staring at me for a while. i asked her if she needed help and she said 'no' very quietly. then she continued to stand there and stare at me. so i asked her if she needed help finding a book. she smiled and said yes. guess you have to be very specific with this one. she tells me she wants an arthur book, so i show her where they are because i am a children's librarian and i know these types of things. so i get her some arthur books and then i get her to sign up for the summer reading club. and she tells me a long story about how one time she was in here before and she saw me. it was a longer story than that but that was the main point of her story. she was so cute i decide to give her a sticker. then she hugged me.

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