Friday, July 20, 2007

there was no joy at hell's library ... nor was there any knitting

so i don't know if i told you the story of how i tried to do my job at hell's library. my job being to create and implement programs for young adults. so i had this idea ... i know how to knit. teens like crafts. i knit an iPod cozy (and it is super cool. maybe later i will post a pic of it). teens like iPods. why not teach teens to knit iPod cozies? so i found this yarn store that was going out of business and i was able to get equipment for six people to knit iPod cozies. also, i had enough yarn that i would have been able to do this twice. so really it was enough equipment for two sessions of 6 kids. AND each session would probably be about 4 weeks long. all for the bargain price of $36. a steal. very very cheap. i am lucky to spend this little on a project just for little old me. so if you do the math $36 for about 8 weeks of programs is pretty good.
but hell's library didn't think so. they wanted me to do programs without spending any money at all. i should just stand on the street and beg for craft supplies. so everyone got mad at me and there were all sorts of emails and meetings and i am so so so so terrible for trying to do something.
why am i telling you this? here's why. yesterday i sat in on the teen advisory group with the young adult librarian here (because she is new to YA and needs my expertise). some of the kids mentioned they would like to knit. so i showed them my iPod cozy and they were very very impressed. many oooohs and aaaaaaahs. and it is settled that next week i will start teaching teens to knit iPod cozies. ahhh sweet vindication.

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