Monday, July 2, 2007

CIPA: hard at work protecting your children from cartoon characters, coloring books, and cheap used furniture

hi all, have you missed me? i know, i know i'm not writing as much as i used to. i'm sorry but they actually expect me to do work here. what a pain? don't they know i'm busy blogging?
anyway, there is this thing called CIPA: children internet proctection act which is an act that was passed a few years ago denying federal funds to any library which does not filter it's computers. well, this wouldn't sound so bad if they meant that they were only filtering the children's computers and that the filters actually worked. if actuality, the filters must be placed on ALL library computers, even staff computers, in order to be CIPA compliant. and said filters don't even work.
so here at my new job we have the CIPA filters and so far they have been SO useful at protecting the innocence of our children. for instance, many of the spongebob websites are blocked. thank god, because that spongebob is a dirty dirty sponge and children should not have access to his filthy websites. also, many websites which provide coloring pages are also blocked. and today when a full-grown man needed to go on craigslist to look for furniture, he too was blocked. yay CIPA! i'm sure no one will ever have access to anything innapropriate thanks to you!

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