Wednesday, June 27, 2007

mommy, where do white girls come from?

so i am a bit of a minor celebrity here in the hood. whenever i walk outside the men in the area are all too happy to greet me. last night as i was leaving i walked past a group of guys in their twenties and they began making small talk with me. "are you the new librarian," they asked ... "just getting out of work?" they asked. then one of them was riding his ten speed along side me, and asked "where you from? long island?" i told him that i am from brooklyn, which seemed to impress him and then he rode away. i could have told him that i was in fact raised on long island, but i do not want to play into the age old stereotype that all white girls come from long island.


Kara said...

I am very curious to know where exactly your new library is. And to hear about how great it is to be out of hell's library. we need to get drinks lady!

Maureen said...

Me, too. I was on vacation with no access to a computer (which was actually bliss), so when I got back I had SO MUCH to learn! Happy that you're happy.