Friday, June 15, 2007

when crazies help crazies

there is a phenomenon which happens often at the public library: crazies helping crazies. you see, you'll have one crazy that you're trying to deal with. then, another crazy will come up and need help too. now, instead of waiting their turn, one crazy will take it up themselves to "jump in" and help the other crazy. i mean, c'mon. this mentally ill person hangs out at the library everyday. he or she knows the ins and outs of the system. no reason why he or she can't make themselves useful. this situation is quite dangerous because once the crazies start interacting with each other chaos is imminent.

so mr. bank robbing priest casanova man comes in (do you like how these nicknames are getting longer and longer?) and when he is not in need of help he kind of likes to just hover around the desk and chat with me whenever i'm free. lovely. so while i am looking up photoshop classes for him a second crazy walks up muttering to herself about using the computer and needing the internet. i ignore her mutterings. mutterings do not count as actual communication with me. but mr. bank robbing priest casanova man decides that he will explain to her how the computer system works. so he starts explaining it to her, but she isn't paying attention at all because he is not behind the desk. i'm behind the desk. then i interupt him and tell him that when it is her turn i will help this woman. by this point the woman looks thoroughly confused.
after i help the woman the ever-lovely EJ comes in. what a day. and he needs help looking for CPR videos. so in addition to auditioning for jeopardy, studying for the GED, and finding a talent show to compete in, he is now also learning CPR. well, i will rest easy at night knowing that i am in good hands if i go into cardiac arrest. urgh. so i explain to him where the video is but he says he can't find it because his eyes are bad and the "lady over there is mean." i do not know which lady he is referring to. anyway, out comes mr. bank robbing priest casanova, offering to walk EJ to the video section and show him where the video is. and you know what, dear blog readers? i let him because the less i deal with EJ the better. but do you see how working at hell's library so closely resembles working in an asylum? one more day to go.

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