Monday, June 18, 2007

surprise ... i'm a children's librarian

so, in an odd turn of events it turns out that my new position is as a children's librarian. while i was a bit taken aback by this at first (i forgot that when i interviewed i was so anxious to get out of hell's library i said i could do YA, children's, ANYTHING), i am coming to realize this might be good ... here's a list of good things

1. my branch was built in 1999, meaning it is fairly new and probably not disgusting
2. as a children's librarian i will most likely have my own room which i will be in charge of
3. usually the crazies don't stray up to the children's room, so if there are crazies they most likely will not enter my private library oasis
4. i get the feeling that this branch may be small, so i may convince whoever is in charge that i should do both children's and YA
5. after 6 months i can transfer to a branch A. closer to my house and/or B. to a YA position

i'd say, so far so good. i'm a little nervous about my first day at the branch tomorrow, but i think it will be fine.

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck!