Tuesday, June 19, 2007

my first day on the job

i'm here in my new digs and it's pretty nice ... cute little new building, clean, orderly. it's like a library in here! we aren't open to the pulic until later in the afternoon, but i've been walking around looking at the collection. it's nice here. it's a little far from my house, but oh well. i could always try to transfer somewhere closer. but i think this will be way better than hell's library. and i have my own section. with a desk!

i must ask though, why do the city libraries have the most archaic catalogs for staff use? they get these nice shiny catalogs for the public but then we're stuck using a catalog from the early 80s. the first computerized catalog ... green screen and dot commands. what gives? i've heard though that this branch will be closing next month for a technological upgrade, which will include RFID (yay RFID, i love RFID!!) so maybe this will only be a temporary step back into the prior century. what's RFID, you ask?

Radio Frequency IDentification! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rfid it's great. it's like magic. you place a pile of books on a pad and they're magically checked in (or checked out). and there's a wand you can sweep over the shelves and it will beep if any books are out of order (disclaimer: wand may not actually work in reality) yay technology!

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