Saturday, June 16, 2007

an old man vows to never be curteous again. according to neighbrhood librarian he was not polite to begin with.

i just want to tell you that a little old man threw a crumpled ball of paper at me when i told him that there was no way for me to give him an extra nine minutes on the internet computer, even though he lost nine minutes due to the computer freezing and needing to be re-booted. it's not my fault. there is just no way to award someone an extra nine minutes. i did all i could. but when i explained that i simply did not have the power to do something like that, he yelled that from this moment on he will NEVER be polite or helpful to anyone anywhere ever again. because of me. and my unhelpfulness. then he crumpled up his computer appointment receipt and threw it at me. oh the poetic justice.

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