Thursday, June 21, 2007

day three

1. they do not have granola bars here. i asked two different people in the grocery store and they looked at me like i was insane. of course, they were terribly helpful despite the fact that they did not know what i could possibly mean by "granola bar." they really wanted to help me. i guess it doesn't hurt to be the only blonde woman in a three mile radius. exotic.

2. a literacy coordinator came in today and we arranged for me to come into one of the local schools next week and talk to the third graders about the library and summer reading and all that jazz.

3. i was helping a man in his thirties attach his resume to an email. it was a little sad because i just wanted to correct his resume for him but really that isn't my job. anyway, i tried to see if his resume was saved in the 'my attachments' section of his email account. and what should i find there? lo and behold there was a picture of a breast. not a naked woman. just a close up of a boob. c'mon people, get it together.

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