Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the world of computers

i've been going through our extensive vhs collection, trying to get rid of as many vhs tapes as possible. we have SO many vhs tapes. it's ridiculous. anyway, i found one called "computers for kids" ... it's "an exciting adventure designed to help kids learn to use personal computers and the MS-DOS environment!" yay! according to the manufacturer, "learning something new can be fun for kids when the power of television and the VCR is used to present the story!" well, what will they think of next. this video was made in 1990. i'm sure nothing has changed in the exciting environment of personal computing.

just an interesting tidbit: my grandfather used to have this dictionary from the 1940s. this reference work was of course what we used when we played scrabble and someone challenged a word. you can imagine how effective it would be. anyway my brother and i used to look up modern words in it to see if they were in there. typically they were not. but the word "computer" was in there, along with the succint definition "one who computes."

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