Friday, June 22, 2007

train antics

i don't think i told you but i am spending the weekend at the ALA (American Library Association) Annual Conference in washington dc. and because hell's library doesn't believe in professional development, i had to pay the $200 registration fee myself. usually your library would pay for this type of thing. and, at my new job, they will pay for this in the future. but i digress. have i mentioned that my mom is a librarian? well, she is. so we decided to room together (more accurately, i convinced her that she wanted to go to the conference so that i could stay in the posh hotel room that her library would provide for her. and the hotel really is lovely. i am wearing one of their 100% cotton bathrobes)
so we met this morning for our amtrack journey to dc. we sat across from a very nice woman who works for jstor. can you believe that my mom didn't know what jstor is? i'm sure you all know. so after quizzing our neighbor on her life story (she was trying to do work, poor thing, but i think she found us amusing), mom and i needed another activity. so we decided to entertain ourselves with one of our old-time favorite passtimes: making paper fortune tellers. just in case you are wondering, another one of our favorite passtimes is simultaneous solitare games. we each start a game of solitare at the same time and whoever wins first wins. anyway, here are some of the clever fortunes i put in my fortune teller:
  • you will get lots of free schwag from vendors (see also schwag definition 3)
  • you will be stuck in the front row of a boring presentation but will be too embarrassed to get up and leave
  • you will learn something useful at this conference
  • you wind up at a reception without alcohol
  • you will not learn anything useful but you'll get lots of free stuff
  • you will win a vendor raffle
  • you will be invited to a great reception with lots of booze and yummy snacks
  • an obnoxious person will run over your foot with their wheeled suitcase


Rodrigo said...

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dewey decimal mistress said...

please don't spam my blog. because if you spam my blog then i'll have to approve comments before they get posted and that is so lame.

shinylib said...

Hiya... I'm working on a set of presentation slides for this year's ALA annual.

Is the cootie catcher image something you created? If so, may I use it on a slide about how to decide what to spend your time on at a massive conference?


Miss Dewey Decimal said...

cootie catcher? i never heard that before. but i like it.

anyway, i found the pic on google images so feel free to use it as it isn't actually mine to give away.

but if you want to regale your audience with fabulous stories from my blog, please do give me a mention ;)