Tuesday, November 13, 2007

it's a new dawn ... it's a new day ... it's a new life

okay, i have been re-reading this blog and it's getting a little too whiny for my tastes (although my therapist does complain that i do not express and share my pain with others enough). anyhoo ... if we cannot get back on track with entertaining ourselves by making fun of library patrons ... let's at least be a little proactive:
my day so far:
  • wake up with sore throat
  • drive through the rain singing love songs (fidelity by regina spektor really speaks to me)
  • straighten up the library while simultaneously cursing my new Page who does not seem to want to tidy
  • create new weekly puzzles to push the children's literary skills
  • contact head of children's services about color printer and scanner so that the newsletter i am having the kids make can be in color (i have been having the kids write a newsletter! it's so cool! they actually write articles and draw pictures! see? i am not totally evil!)
  • contact security about my favorite kid and what i can do to help him
and it's not even lunch yet.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

Sore throat, you say? Good thing you didn't call in sick!

The newsletter idea sounds pretty awesome. Is there a national Librarian's Day where the kids can bestow gifts upon you and make you cool hats and stuff? If not, you should make one up.

The Dewey Decimal Mistress said...

there is a holiday! i just found it on the Internets!
national librarian day
but sometimes i wonder about these "national" days ... is there an authority who chooses these days or can any person just declare a day in honor of anything that catches their fancy?

fifi said...

Do you need an editor for your newsletter? I'm for hire, ya know.

So, what'd security say about our fav little reader?

By the way, tomorrow is National Leave Me Alone Day. Or is it? I don't know -- I'll be left alone, thank you very much.