Monday, November 5, 2007

what shall i be?

so for halloween some of the kids were told at school they had to come dressed up as what they wanted to be when they grew up. and my little friend O (the one who doesn't like touching the bathroom door because of the hobos) came dressed in a suit and button down shirt. when i asked him what he wanted to be he said "i want to be president." then he began strutting around with his chest out.
"that's great," i said.
"if not president, then i'd like to be a lawyer."
"lawyer is a good job too," i said.
"and if i can't be a lawyer, i'd like to be a teacher."
"oh," i said, "a teacher is a good job."
"yeah, it is," he agreed. "and if i can't be a teacher i'll be a doctor."
"uh-huh. well, i'm sure you can be whatever you want. you're very smart."
"i know." he said humbly. "but if i can't be a doctor then i'd like to be a school counselor."
"that's a good job too," i said. i'm so supportive. "so its president, lawyer, teacher, doctor, school counselor?"
"okay then."


*Bitch Cakes* said...

I like his attitude! You should tag his ear and find out what becomes of him...

The Dewey Decimal Mistress said...

if only i was allowed to tag the children's ears ... or stun them with a taser.

fifi said...

What the hell? Advertising's not good enough for little O? What gives, O-man?! I guess I'm just gonna have to come to your hood biblioteca & tell that kid how cool it is to be in soon as I get another job....