Thursday, November 15, 2007

there's no crying in library service

things have finally caught up with me ... you can't go around making kids cry and think that one day you won't get yours.

woke up feeling yucky due to my antibiotics
dared to wear a top TUCKED IN to my skirt (something i typically think is impossible for me)
walked into the library feeling good
was told that i went "around the chain of command" by asking Central (aka big brother) how one goes about getting a social worker at the library
then folks, i hate to say it, i starting crying hysterically
i think i blabbed something about my boyfriend breaking up with me (was the nubian even my boyfriend? i guess for lack of a better term ...) and i blabbed about being sick and about always getting in trouble and about being punished for being sick ...
then i seriously could not stop crying and had to go to the bathroom for like twenty minutes.
and this is all in front of the new assistant branch manager who i can only assume now thinks i am insane.
and really, all i wanted to do was say "i'm sorry ... i need to go home." BUT I CAN'T GO HOME BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE UNDOCUMENTED SICK TIME!
thankfully i was able to go to lunch early and i had highly educated vegetarian spiritualists feed me ziti and chat with me about audiobooks.

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fifi said...

Okay, please don't cry, but why do you need a social worker at your library?