Tuesday, November 13, 2007

a word to the wise

so ... today i was given a formal warning about my sick time usage. turns out that using more than 3 sick days without a doctor's note within a 6 month period is somehow unlawful. well, i'm just screwed.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

You'll love this story:

My department was outsourced 4 years ago. I had been employed with my original company for about 14 years and took only a handful of sick days in that time. I lost all my sicktime when we were taken over... to the tune of 800 hours. That's EIGHT. HUNDRED. HOURS. Which breaks down to 100 days, or 5 whole months!!!!!

4 years later and I'm still fuming over it.

By the way, do you work in Brownsville?

*Bitch Cakes* said...

PS The moral of my story: TAKE YOUR SICK TIME! (can they really monitor you to that level? Is that legal??)

The Dewey Decimal Mistress said...

i don't know about the legality of holding back people from promotions based on their sick time usage. i stand firm with "if you offer me sick time i will take it." i mean, i accepted this job knowing how much sick time was offered to me. if they didn't want me to use it, they should have given me less.

fifi said...

Yeah, your acceptance of the job symbolizes a contract in good faith & that contract was for a certain salary, working certain hours, and receiving a certain amount of vacation & sick time for your trouble. If they then take any of those provisions away or modify your work environment in any way, that constitutes a change in contract, to which you should be able agree in writing. Otherwise, they've breached your contract & you can take them down in no time.

Of course, I'm not a lawyer, but I play one in my mind occasionally.