Thursday, October 2, 2008

the kids: an update

one of my devoted blog readers mentioned to me the other day that she missed hearing about my favorite kid and kid who hates hoboes. so here is a little update about what is going on with them.

favorite kid: something is amiss with favorite kid and i don't know what. he didn't attend our summer reading programs, even though he was here in the hood all summer. every so often he would come in late in the day after our programs were over and he would seem sad that he missed it. then i'd ask him what he had been doing and he said he was home playing videogames all day. have i mentioned that i found out where favorite kid lives? turns out he lives down some shady alleyway between the bodega and the c-town. not the type of place i'd want a kid spending their summer. anyway, he's been back now that school has started up again. but he's been distant. my assistant and i were discussing it and we both think he's hiding something. if i see him today i might ask him what's going on.

kid who hates hoboes: i don't know if i mentioned it, but over the last six month we've seen a serious decline in kid who hates hoboes. he's had a poor attitude, refuses to think or try ... several times we've kicked him out of the library. i had found out he was having some trouble at home, but even though i had that information it really didn't help much. it was so sad because when he first starting coming to the library he would hang out with me and ask me if i needed help with anything. he was so good. now, i barely recognize him. well, except for his love of my hand sanitizer. when the kids came back from school we found out that he had been left back. so it seemed pretty dismal. but in the past two weeks i think he's gotten a bit better. i've caught him thinking and trying even though he wants to have this gangsta attitude. so maybe there's hope for him yet.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

Oh no- I'm sorry to hear this! It sounds like they are at a crucial point where they can come back to the kids you used to know or go horribly in the wrong direction. I can't imagine what their home lives are like, I only hope they will go down the right path.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the update on the kids. Seems like they are going through some rough times, but hopefully you can pull them back.

The Lady in Red said...

What Bitch Cakes said! And as bad as those kids have it, I'm very glad they have you.

Peonys said...

thanks for the updates. we readers start getting attached to these kids in some wierd way.. or at least I do.