Tuesday, October 14, 2008

you heard it here first

that's right. and if it's written in dry erase marker on the white board then it must be true.
today we did multiplication challenge, which is when my assistant and i call out multiplication problems and the kids race to solve them on the board. even though many of them aren't good at multiplication, they all love this. they just love to compete at stuff. but today i had two new ideas to expand on this program:
1. i would make the children watch a boring 20 minute educational film about multiplication, in hopes that they might learn something since i am not actually a qualified educator and have no idea how to teach math skills.
2. i actually printed out multiplication problems from the internet so i wouldn't have to figure out the answers myself (this might seem lazy but doing lots of multiplication is not my idea of fun)

the kids weren't happy to be watching the film, but i promised a small prize for everyone who sat through it. and although there was much giggling and eye-rolling i think the film might have been slightly helpful.

anyway, afterwards our big multiplication challenge winner, super smart girl, was helping clean the boards and she made the above drawing. super smart girl is the older sister to cute little girl who likes to visit me at my desk.

as the two of them were leaving for the day, cute little girl waved to me and said quietly, "i love you miss dewey decimal." i told her i loved her too.

and that was my day.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

Math! My favorite!!! And actually spending an afternoon doing multiplication would be fun. Throw in some geometry proofs and you wouldn't be able to pry the mechanical pencil out of my hands!

Anyway, I think that's super adorable that she said that and they drew that for you. It's very touching.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

if we ever get Take Your Friend to Work Day instated as a holiday, you can visit and challenge the kids in math!