Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the only good thing about yesterday (at least yesterday day)

a little girl came up to me while i was sitting at the desk. she was very bored. this happens sometimes ... the kids get bored and they come over to me in hopes that i will entertain them. i love the kids, you know that dear blog readers, but usually this practice annoys me. i am not here to entertain children, except for when i am entertaining children.

anyway, she was so little and super cute and quiet and i couldn't help kinda liking her. it happens. first she was mesmerized by my new hair (black and purple! who would have guessed?) then she asked me if i was going to plait it. there was much back and forth before i understood what she was talking about. then she said that her mom plaits hers and that her mom could teach me if need be. i told her thanks, but that i would probably just keep my hair as is.

"do you have children, miss dewey decimal?" i told that i did not, and then she asked if i needed any children. "are you volunteering?" i asked her. she nodded quietly, and i told her that while in the library we could hang out, but that i wouldn't be taking her home with me.

"is this your library?" she asked me. then i stretched my arms out and said, "yes! this is MY library! mine! all mine!"
"you never leave?"
"of course i leave," i explained. "i'll go home later and eat dinner and maybe play around on my computer while eating chocolates." this upset her greatly, and she informed me that eating chocolates would make my teeth fall out, but i stood firmly that if i brushed my teeth afterwards i'd be okay. she didn't quite buy this.

then she told me that one day she would be tall. tall to the sky. like a power ranger.

and that dear blog readers was the only good part of my day. the rest was yelling and poor educational standards and stupid computer rules and me envisioning a beat-down using only the world book.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

Did you ever figure out what "palit" meant?

I have yet to see this new hair color in person! I'm very excited!!

PS You know she went home and challenged her Mom: "Ms Dewey Decimal said that if I brush my teeth, it's ok to eat chocolates!"

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

in my upcoming book, "Miss Dewey Decimal's Guide to Childrearing" there will be a whole chapter listing my favorite foods complete with detailed instructions on how to combat the negative effects of eating said foods. no need to thank me.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

OMG hilarious!!! But seriously - You do so much more than you are paid to do- do you realize that? Oh those kids are so lucky.