Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ko-ke ko-ko, co-co ree-co, and other nonsensical phrases

this is my new favorite picture book. i read it to the little ones today at storytime and they LOVE it. it's all about the different sounds animals make in different languages. like, in japan roosters say "ko-ke ko-ko" and in france frogs say "crew-ah, crew-ah." and apparently, according to the title, cows say "moo" everywhere. well, at least we can agree on that. you would not believe how much the kids enjoy making these new weird animal sounds. they were riveted. RIVETED! and surprisingly, it was easy to explain to them this concept of different cultures pronouncing animals sounds differently. i thought it was a rather complex idea, but they grasped it quickly. or maybe they just like making funny sounds. either way, this book is cool.

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