Thursday, September 18, 2008

breakfast and bike racks

have you ever been excited by something, and when you wake up in the morning you remember this something and then you start your day feeling kinda good? i assume it's like christmas, but i've never celebrated christmas so i wouldn't know.
lately i've been waking up earlier than usual, and in this new found extra time i have added two things to my morning routine:
1. i email The Bolshevik
2. i go to dunkin donuts and get a flat bread egg white sandwich (have you tried one of these? i typically fear eggs from fast food places but this sandwich is pretty tasty. and only 260 calories!)

so while i was parking the fancy mobile on graham ave i noticed this bus stop looking structure on the corner of graham and metropolitan. i was immediately perplexed, since i know that the bus stop is across the street on the other corner of graham. upon further inspection i realized that this is no bus stop. it is a covered bike rack area! how awesome! so if it is raining your bike seat won't get wet! i was ecstatic (even though i don't typically ride to graham since it's so close to The Paradise. but maybe i will start riding there!). anyway i knew that i had to take a picture so that ms. bitchcakes could see it.
also, it makes me proud of brooklyn, being the trendy trendsetters we are, creating useful bike racks. unlike those stupid david byrne bike racks, which are actually quite difficult to lock a bike to (i attribute these to manhattan). last i checked that was kind of the whole point of bike racks: locking your bike to them. also, i like how the website states that these faux-arty bike racks are "installed throughout manhattan and brooklyn." there is one on bedford ave and that is it. i hardly consider that "throughout" brooklyn. but whatevs, keep your impractical unimaginative pop art bike racks to yourself.

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

How thoughtful of you to think of me! I first spotted these in Long Island City- there is one at the base of the Pulaski Bridge. I went through the same thought process: It's a bus stop- no wait, it's bike parking!! Yay!