Friday, September 19, 2008

goodnight bush

even i make mistakes, dear blog readers. shocking, i know. i ordered this book called "Goodnight Bush." before i go on, i would like to say that i personally really like this book and i think it is great. however, it was somehow presented to me as a children's book when i ordered it, and really it is a political parody and is better suited towards teens and adults. so when i read it i thought, "this book is awesome! but totally inappropriate for the children's room." sigh. what to do?

so i handed it off to a different librarian, in hopes that it will go into the collection somewhere else (although i wouldn't mind if it magically made it's way to my coffeetable).

anyway, the book is a parady of the classic children's book "Goodnight Moon" except it is all about the Bush administration. it's very well done, i have to say. i highly recommend it for coffeetables everywhere. here's a little snippet. hopefully i am not committing copyright infringement.
in the situation room
there was a toy world
and a flight costume and a picture of-
a refinery plume
and there were war profiteers giving three cheers
a nation great
a church and a state
a pair of towers
and a balance of powers
a grand old party to war in a rush
and a quiet dick cheney whispering "hush"

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