Saturday, September 13, 2008


here i am ... at the 'brary on a saturday. woe is me.

as i've said before, i am in charge on saturdays. so when my co-worker left for her lunch hour, not only was i in charge, but i was also left as sole employee. and of course as soon as she left our self-check-in machine stopped working, and a large crowd of people swarmed in. (note: we have all these very high tech fancy things like RFID and self-check-in machines and self-check-out machines. all of which are intended to save us employees oh so much time. and they do save us oh so much time, except for the fact that they are often out of order. but you didn't hear that from me.) anyway, i was doing all sorts of stuff at the circulation desk which i typically don't do like making new library cards, checking in books, trying to figure out why the RFID pads aren't working, etc etc. needless to say, a line of mildly disgruntled patrons was beginning to form.

i called the next person on line, and she was this woman with big fake nails airbrushed several different colors. would it be unfair to describe her as hootch? and even though she was next on line and i have clearly called her, she felt the need to make a big show of the fact that she was next, so she elbowed her way past the nice elderly gentleman who was behind her in line. elbowed him!

so he said, in a fairly calm manner considering he'd just been elbowed, "you could say excuse me."

then they woman went on this tirade, not exactly speaking to anyone in particular. "that's why i hate coming here! people acting all ghetto! they got not respoect!"

i'm sorry ... you elbow a senior citizen so that you can be next in line to reserve a bunch of books with titles like "a gangsta's wife" and "pimp like me" and you have the nerve to complain about people 'acting all ghetto.' oh yes, we should all respect you.

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

This is almost too good to be true. What a sight that must have been!