Wednesday, September 24, 2008

bike shelter update

today after picking up my dunkin donuts veggie eggwhite flat and medium tea (a new habit which is costing me $4.32 a day), i noticed something about my new favorite bike shelter ... there is an NYC cycling map on the side! a CYCLING MAP! what will they think of next?! amazing! sadly, i didn't get to look at the map as i was in my car (bad me, driving a car, i know. but alas i have no choice.) anyhoo, i am so excited to see what info is on the map. does it tell which streets have bike lanes? does it give suggestions for less-congested routes which are bike-friendly? i don't know, but i'll find out. yay, bikes!
(please note the accompanying picture is not of the bike shelter on graham ave, but of a very similar looking bike shelter)


Spiro said...

did the map mention that you can't use most of the ones in brooklyn because some people think it's the double parking/truck parking lane?

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Spiro, the map doesn't mention that, no.

PS Those people should be shot on sight. No questions asked.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

i agree those people should be shot. ms. bitchcakes, maybe you could advise my readers on what type of fabulous gun holding accessories they can attach to their bikes?