Friday, September 26, 2008

let's play a round of fact or fiction (if this was hell's library you'd pronounce that friction)

woman: i'm looking for books on greek mytholody.
me: no problem, follow me.
(we walk to stacks and i show her the mythology books. found in the 290s in case you were wondering)
woman: i'm specifically looking for books with accurate information.
me: huh? what's accurate?
woman: you know what i mean.
(uh, no i don't)
me: well, none of them are accurate. they're made up
woman: what? they're made up?
me: well, yeah. i mean, unless you believe in women with live snakes for hair that turn people into stone.
woman: (shrugs)

ok, now one could argue that maybe the greek myths are not made up and that greek mythology is actually an organized polytheistic religion. but i am going to hazard a guess that this woman is not planning on throwing a lamb on the fire as a sacrifice to the gods.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

Baffling. Simply baffling!

Spiro said...

don't dis my people! we totally didn't make that up! I am half horse! Did you ever notice?

ryan manning said...

she means historically accurate

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

still, what would "historically accurate" mean? it's not like she asked for information on the trojan war. she wanted books on mythology. and while i am sure there are some hacks that have put their own spin on the myths, typically most books on greek mythology are created equal. what is an inaccurate story of zeus?