Tuesday, October 7, 2008

things i shouldn't have to say to parents (a short list)

"is this your child?" (referring to an abandoned two year-old i found wandering the children's room)
"yeah," the young woman says, somehow tearing herself away from her myspace page.
"you can't leave her alone by herself? i just found her here? eating crayons? you have to watch her."
and as i walk off into the sunset, back to the children's room, the little girl pulls a soggy white crayon out of her mouth and hands it to her mother.


Paul DeBenedetto said...

Don't you think it should be "i'm a librarian. i inhale books. sometimes i wear glasses. don't make me shush your asses"?

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

interesting point.

however, when using the word "you" to refer to people it can be used as either a singular or as a plural. i could be referring to a group of people, ie "don't make me shush your asses." or i could be referring to one person, "don't make me shush your ass." either is acceptable. i stand by my use of the singular, so that i am intimately threatening one person at a time.

miss dewey d.

Paul DeBenedetto said...

No, I mean, I just think rhyming is funny.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

sorry ... i just totally got on my grammar high horse.

Paul DeBenedetto said...


Might wanna descend and edit that list of favorite books.