Wednesday, October 15, 2008

pure as the cold driven snow

i have today off! poor bolshevik had to leave for work oh-so-early this morning while i relaxed in bed watching episodes of the office. he he he he. anyway, once well rested, i decided to do a massive and much needed cleaning of the paradise bathroom! yay! it's super clean and shiny in there now. and while i was walking to the closest laundromat to wash my bathmat a man yelled "snowflake" at me. what is this? library in the hood? i am home, damnit! keep your racist remarks to yourself! i only take that shit at work!

now, i realize i went to the "project side" of the street to do laundry, but shouldn't i be able to walk around the block without it being brought to my attention that i am in fact white? the other laundromat is several blocks away and more expensive. the worst part was that instead of actually saying snowflake to my face, he waited until i had walked past him and then he said it loudly like he was coughing, but he was obviously saying "snowflake." and when i looked around i was the only snowy colored person in the vicinity.

i didn't say anything to him. i just kept walking. but i want to know, what is the point of that? does it make you feel good about yourself? do you feel more like a man? oh, you win big tough black man. i'm just a fragile little snowflake. i'll stay on my side of the street from now on.

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

"snowflake", really? I've never heard that! And yes, it's absurd. You should of course be able to walk on whichever side of the street you prefer.