Thursday, October 16, 2008

too good to be true

last night after punking some rope, the gang and i went to our favorite watering hole to watch the debates. i have to say i was actually moved by how well obama did under pressure, and how miserably mccain did. i mean, the man cannot make a point to save his life. and there was one moment when he seemed so flustered that he was actually shaking a bit. i even heard someone refer to him as appearing to be suffering from dementia.

now, i don't want to go and get my hopes up that obama will win. i mean, after the ridiculous kerry/bush debates where bush was rolling his eyes and yawning i thought for sure we had it in the bag. but alas, it was not so. despite that upset, i am starting to feel this uplifting feeling (is this what they call hope?) that maybe we've really got a shot at winning this thing.

so this morning when i came into work i made a lovely book display about such timely things as the electoral college, presidential elections, democracy, and a couple of our biographies of barrack obama (our one john mccain book is checked out). then i printed up this "kids" election crossword puzzle from the new york times. this puzzle is actually way too hard for my kids, and i've had no takers so far, but i'm offering a prize to any person(s) who can get 10 or more correct answers. all in all i was feeling energized.

but then the greatest thing happened. i was doing some reading on the internets and i came across this piece citing that the infamous "joe plumber" that mccain mentioned ad nauseum as some tragic american folk hero, is not actually a practicing plumber! he doesn't even have a plumbing license, nor has he ever held or applied for a plumbing apprenticeship! and then, it turns out, that even if joe plumber got his plumbing license (maybe he and joe six pack can be study partners) tax analysts project that he would actually get a tax break under the obama tax plan. oh, it just doesn't get much better than that.
but really i think the larger issue is what will the obama biden campaign do for all the "miss dewey decimals" out there who can no longer afford the basic comforts like sushi and alcohol? and where is my six pack? if mccain is elected will i be able to apply for a voucher to get this six pack i hear so much about?
p.s. "According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage for plumbers, pipefitters and steamfitters in the United States in 2007 was $47,350." (from a far cry from the 250,000 salary that would necessitate an increase in taxes.

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

I am one of the least political people you will ever meet. I avoid it like the plague and barely ever vote. That being said, I am actually excited about this and find myself (gasp) reading about this here election thingy. It is an exciting time for sure. But I am (as Obama said) not getting cocky.

Oh, and I'm actually going to vote. First time since I'm in Brooklyn.