Monday, October 27, 2008

why i heart fresh direct

so last night i sat at home writing my novel, patiently waiting for my groceries to arrive. those of you who know me are probably aware that i have a slight deficiency when it comes to food shopping and food preparation. but i want to get better at this for two reasons:

1. in these hard economic times i need to be more thrifty (it's been weeks since i had sushi! weeks!)
2. i must get back to the svelteness

so i ordered all sorts of healthy yummy food from fresh direct, including nutritious snacks i can take to work with me. but when i got my order one of my yogurts had been smushed and it opened and got yogurt all over my other stuff. so i lost one yogurt and then i had to clean yogurt off my other items. this actually wasn't a huge deal, but i decided that i would write a letter to fresh direct to tell them. usually when i've ordered from them everything is packed impeccably and there are no problems.

i figured they would refund me the cost of the yogurt, and maybe throw in free shipping on my next order. but today i got this email saying not only will they refund me $.99 for my yogurt, they will give me a $10 credit for my "trouble" and free shipping. a total retail value of $16.48. yay!

what have we learned here?
1. it is good to complain
2. fresh direct rocks

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Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Dewey:
Your Aunt and Uncle had the same positive experience with Fresh Direct - it was great.
Uncle K.