Tuesday, October 14, 2008

my clever cleverness

another thing i have not mentioned about my pal mr. heart lotus, is that he loves my patented phrase, "clever cleverness."

and now without further ado i will give you the solution to this mystery ... it's complex. hold on to your hats ...

if you make a post and simply click "don't allow comments" in the post options section, then when readers see it there is no option at all to comment. readers will have nothing to click on. HOWEVER, if after you publish your post, OR you save it, and go back to edit it later, if you go into post options again there will be a shiny new option which reads "Don't allow, show existing" which will show any comments made but will not allow any new comments. this option is only available after the post has been saved or published. it is not available upon first creating the post. very curious. if this option is chosen when readers go to leave comments the following message appears:

New comments have been disabled for this post by a blog administrator.

so heart lotus, fear not! you are not being censored by the man! as i suspected, if you go into your "post options" on the bottom of the post in question, you will be able to select "allow comments" and this problem will be eradicated.

yet another mystery solved by our devoted neighborhood librarian. no need to thank me. i'll be here all week.


Utpal Marshall said...

miss Dewey Decimal is right again. Damn her clever cleverness. Oooops no never! Let us celebrate that she has liberated moi from the fetters of my techno dullardness. Must have pushed when I should have pulled. There will be an extra ration of our finest cheeses when she comes again.
Heart Lotus

Her Mother said...

I could not follow the deepness of this posting. However--- I do want to thank Heart Lotus for taking care of my girl!

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

i know, thanks heart lotus. without you i'd starve. or at the very least, i'd be forced to eat lots of saturated fats.