Wednesday, August 29, 2007

cleavage + bike = trouble

this morning i decided to ride my bike to work, since it is so very very close and my time here is so very very limited. le sigh. now, i bike places all the time. typically free of harrassment. i decided to wear a tank top so that i wouldn't get too sweaty. i guess the men on the brooklyn/queens border have never seen a girl on a bike WEARING A TANK TOP! my god! so scandalous! and i was wearing a skirt. now anyone who has been to the billyburg/greenpoint area has seen a hipster chick on a bike whilst wearing a skirt. no big deal. i mean, it wasn't a short skirt or anything. it was knee length. this is a downright puritanical outfit.
almost immediately the comments began, including one gentleman who told me to "work that." by the time i crossed over the bridge it had gotten so bad that i decided i didn't care about sweatiness and i would just put on my regular sleeved shirt. but the fact that i need to add sleeves in order to ride a bike free from sexual harassment really bothers me. i mean, a comment here or there i can take. but every man i passed needed to say something to me.
finally i get to work. there were no more comments once i put my sleeved shirt on. i arrived so early that i had time to go to this little spanish bakery and get a fresh squeezed orange juice. the woman squeezed it right there. it was awesome. then i sat in the park outside the library and listened to my audiobook of eclipse on my ipod. so there i am, IN SLEEVES, drinking freshly squeezed orange juice, listening to my audiobook, minding my own business. and this man sitting on the bench across from me starts leering at me. not staring, not glancing my way, he was downright leering. then he starting making kissy sounds at me. i rolled my eyes, making a loud tsk sound and tried to ignore him.
what is wrong with you men?! have you never seen a woman before? really, this is just absurd. and honestly, it makes you guys seem a little pathetic. i know it's not all of you, but you few out there (you know who you are) you are ruining it for everyone. dare i say, for all mankind.
next time i will wear a burka to work. or is there a group of burka fetishists who will be turned on by that as well?

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fifi said...

Mmmm, baby, rock that burka. Oh yeah. Slower. Slower. Why don't you take off those sunglasses so papi can see those hot eyeballs. Yeah, that's hot, mami. *kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss*
(erin from punk rope told me to yell that at you, but i really meant it after the first couple lines, baby.)