Wednesday, August 1, 2007

library domination

so it turns out that the woman who had just become the young adult librarian here has been promoted to manager at a different branch. so she's now out of the picture leaving little old me as the only person who knows how to do teen programming. he he he he he. even though i'm not allowed to transfer until my 6 month probation is over, i am totally taking over this library. they won't know what hit them. i will organize the teens into my own personal army! okay, maybe that last part isn't true, but still you get the idea.
today i was talking to the assistant manager and she seems a bit confused about where and when we can have teen programs once the summer is over. they have hours and hours of children's programs, but squeezing in some time for the teens is proving a little difficult. prioritize people! we need to have a manga club! stat!
then when we were discussing program ideas, i showed her some stuff the teens came up with. totally on their own. no help from me. i didn't make any suggestions. these ideas included a videogame tournament, hip hop dance lessons, jean decorating, etc. and the manager was more into SAT prep, homework help, how to get into college. totally lame. we comprimised on jewelry decorating. dominating this library will take work. but i think i can do it.

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Ellen said...

If anyone can pull together an outrageous teen department, it is you - they would be negligent not to use you there.