Thursday, August 2, 2007

my new commute, how do i love thee? let me count the ways ...

last night whilst on my glorious commute home i passed by the most fabulous sights. maybe it's just because i grew up in the burbs, but they were fabulous nonetheless. first, i saw children playing in the spray of a fire hydrant. i always wanted to do that as a kid. i must have seen it on tv or something. but alas, i don't think you're allowed to play in fire hydrants on long island. i think they are reserved for use during a fire. lame. then, i saw people playing stick ball. stick ball! there were four guys: a pitcher and a "fielder" on one side of the street and then a batter and a catcher on the other side of the street. the batter was aiming at the tall school building directly behind the "fielder." as i cautiously passed by i heard them discussing what constitutes a homerun:
stickball player #1: i thought a homerun was when you hit the third floor windows or higher
stickball player #2: hey ... homeruns is homeruns
so true ... homeruns is homeruns.
and then i heard paul simon's "me and julio down by the school yard" playing off in the distance.
okay, that part isn't true.
but everything else is.
i heart queens.

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