Friday, August 10, 2007

girl from strange land gets a sweater

i am much happier now ... i found a chinese place on my lunch hour and lo and behold there was a rainbow shop across the street. i don't know what it is, but sometimes i feel like i have some sort of radar sense when i comes to shopping. i walked into that store and instantly i was able to hone in on an appropriate sweater. 14 bucks, how can you go wrong? so as i am paying for it, the old man behind the counter asks me where i am from. is it that obvious i don't belong here? and what is it about queens that everyone assumes i am not local? do i act like a foreigner? are the ways of this borough alien to me? anyway, i tell him i'm from brooklyn and it turns out he is as well and we have a nice little laugh about being from brooklyn.
when i get back to the library the librarian woman who i had been talking to earlier asked if i was able to get lunch alright. she really is very nice. so i proudly point to the new sweater i'm wearing and say, "i even got a sweater (we had both discussed how chilly we were) ... rainbow shop!"
and again she looks at me like i am just the oddest creature she has even laid eyes on. and then she walks away both amused and slight bewildered. seriously ... where am i?

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