Wednesday, August 22, 2007

mean mean woman

its been a week or so since i've seen crazy prize woman. as you can imagine i've been crying myself to sleep at night missing her so much. and then today, lucky day, she reappeared. yesterday there was an end-of-summer party for the younger kids, but she didn't bring her children. so today she comes in and says that she would like her kids to get the prizes that were given out in yesterday's program. the other librarian, who is actually in charge of the children's room, tells her that once she is finished with today's program, she will give the children their prizes. as soon as the other librarian leaves, crazy mother comes up to me and says that her kids have read SO many books and she wants them to get prizes. as she is saying this her youngest child tosses several book logs at me. charming. very charming. so i reiterate to crazy mother that when the other librarian comes back she will give the kids prizes. the other librarian had said this all of thirty seconds ago. then crazy mother goes on and on about how her kids need the prizes for reading books, and the other librarian had only mentioned the prizes for the party. nothing is good enough for this woman so i decide to just let the other librarian handle it, since she is ultimately in charge. crazy woman skulks off.
a few minutes later she comes up to me with a handful of word searches, and says that her kids finished the word searches and need their prizes. fair enough. so i look at the word searches only to realize that they aren't actually done. (i had heard she was in the other day and was having difficulty finding all the words. i swear to god. not making that up.) anyway, i pointed out that the "kids" hadn't finished their puzzles, pointing to the words they hadn't found. not only that, i noticed on some of them that random letters were circled in lieu of actually finding the appropriate words. i didn't mention this part to her. i just said all sweetly to her kids, "you need to go back and find these other words, okay? then you can get your prizes, okay?"
then, she actually tries to tell me that i'm wrong and that the kids found all the words. now, remember back to being a kid filling out word searches ... you look at the word list, then you find the word in a big puzzle, then you circle the word. then you cross out or check off the word from the list.
"but ma'am, these words here? they aren't checked off on the list? and i don't see them circled anywhere in the puzzle?"
yes, this is a new low ... arguing with a grown woman about the completion level of a word search.
later i found out that she quizzed the other librarian for my name so that she could "report me." of course the other librarian refused. he he he he. but then she went and found the library manager and chewed her ear off, telling her that i am "very mean" to her and her children. not only that, according to her i am "stingy," and no one in all of queens wants to deal with me because i am so stingy and mean. NO ONE.
the library manager pulled me aside to ask me what happened, and i calmly explained that this woman is certifiably insane. INSANE! the manager believed me, but told me i need to "watch my back."
i just hope to god that if this woman ever calls up central to "report me" the good people there will see that she is loony and not pay any attention to her.

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