Friday, August 10, 2007

i want the world ... the whole world at my fingertips

i realize that i have grown accustomed to having whatever i want at my disposal instantly. and if not instantly, i arrange to have it delivered to my home at a time which is convenient to me. for example, my groceries will be arriving between 9-10:30 pm on sunday.
why didn't i bring a sweater? i'm freezing! but i digress ...
so i asked one of the librarians here if there was any good places to eat around here. she kind of tilted her head at me as if looking at a lost puppy. then i elaborated, "or any place to eat?" she went on to tell me that there are no real restaurants within walking distance, but she was nice enough to find me a chinese take-out menu. apparently, everyone in the rockaways have cars. then i realize i only have $4 on me. so i ask the woman where the nearest atm machine is. seriously, she looked at me as though i was asking for something very exotic, like "do you know where the nearest spa is? i need a seaweed scrub." so there may or may not be an atm machine a few blocks from here. that's what the consensus is amongst employees.
seriously, where am i? its like i'm at the edge of the known world. and i really wish i had a sweater.

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