Tuesday, May 27, 2008

all about me: this week's puzzle

every week i make a puzzle for the kids to solve, and if they can solve it within the week they get a cheap prize that is in no way near worth the time and effort it takes to solve the puzzle. yay! usually the puzzles are word searches or crossword puzzles or math puzzles, etc. you know, things that might be educational. and usually i try to make them correspond with an upcoming holiday or season.
so i decided that this week, in honor of my upcoming birthday, i would make a puzzle all about ME! i went on the internet and was able to create a crossword puzzle all about everyone's favorite librarian. here are the clues:
  1. ms. dewey decimal is turning this age on saturday
  2. the season ms. dewey decimal was born in
  3. the birthstone for people born in this month
  4. this is ms. dewey decimal's favorite book, written by a famous british woman
  5. what month is ms. dewey decimal's birthday in
  6. a great career, according to ms. dewey decimal
  7. people born from may 21-june 20 are this astrological sign
  8. people born in 1978 are this sign in the chinese zodiac

i hope they find it amusing.


Her Mother said...

Do you need a benefactor for prizes? I would be happy to start the "Her Mother" Scholarship fund to provide suitable prizes for your after-school activities. I just love the All About You Puzzle!

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

maybe you could buy them all wiis. or is the plural of wii, wii?

*Bitch Cakes* said...

omg how cute! Scan a copy of the puzzle!!! I wanna do it!

So what was the prize and how many kids earned it?

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

ms. b. cakes, i would love to scan a copy of the puzzle. however that would
1. require me to figure how to work my scanner
2. plug said scanner in