Friday, May 23, 2008

summer is here ... clothing is optional

so i don't think i've ever discussed my hatred of american apparel, but i ask you ... is this an outfit? and if so, where is it appropriate to wear such a thing? i would say that this outfit seems most appropriate for a burlesque tap dancing class. doesn't this look like something someone might do some warm-ups in, then practice some shuffle heel steps, then strip down into pasties? (not that i would know, of course. he he he) but i guess with the changing of the seasons soon i will be seeing half naked anorexics walking around the nabe wearing this type of stuff. ahhhh summer.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

I don't even mind seeing the too-skinny girls wearing ridiculous summer "attire". It's the flip flops. Dear god, THE FLIP FLOPS! Please, people, put on REAL SHOES! It's disgusting enough on women but it's completely inexcusable on men.


Miss Dewey Decimal said...

wow, i had no idea how strongly you felt about flip flops. aside from trips to and from the beach, i tend not to wear the flops. and i agree men's feet should be hidden from view.

i do need some new summer shoes. have any suggestions?