Wednesday, May 14, 2008

periodicals perplexing no more

i don't think i've ever discussed with you the black pit of despair which has been my periodicals section for the past few months. you see, we have this lovely magazine display (shown left) that holds the magazine (each shelf flips up so that older issues can be stored behind the display area). when i first got here there were neat little stickers saying which magazines went where. and of course the magazines were all over the place, with no relation what-so-ever to the helpful stickers. then i noticed about 2 years worth of back issues of each magazine being "stored" on the shelves behind the display. and this 2-year backlog was in no particular order. yay! so i attacked this immediately, throwing out all the magazines that were more than 6 months old, and putting all the issues where they belonged. it was beautiful. and i made sure my page stayed on top of it, so for a while all was good. but then we got this extra money that we were told had to be used for periodicals. this might have been good if we weren't already at capacity for the number of magazines which could neatly be kept on our magazine shelves. so i picked out a few magazines that i thought we be a nice addition to the collection. and then a few weeks later we were inundated with something like 10 new magazines in addition to the magazines we were already getting. oh, did i mention that we also get 10 different comic books as well? so all of a sudden there is just no way that it is physically possible to keep the magazines and comics in a neat and meaningfully organized fashion. so i ordered these file holders, thinking i could put all the comics in the file holders and then keep the magazines on the shelves. i also wanted to "highlight" the magazines and try to get the kids to read them instead of only reading the comics. not that there's anything wrong with comics. so after several months of waiting (why does everything take so long?) i finally got 4 of the 12 file holders i ordered. so maybe in 4 more months i will get the remaining file holders. but anyway, in the months of waiting for my file holders i would merely try to avoid eye contact with the magazine section. yup, that will make the problem go away. but now everything is peachy keen and i have my magazines beautifully displayed. and you can see at the bottom right (below the concept books, which i also hate) i have my four file holders with four different comics. and the rest of the comics are in little piles on the shelves beside them. of course these little piles get messed up instantly, but they look good when there are no children here.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

Oh sweet, organization and labeling, I love you so!

Great job, Ms Dewey Decimal!!!

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

i like to think of myself as a sort of vigilante super hero of organization. these periodicals would be a complete mess if it wasn't for ... Miss Dewey Decimal!