Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the greatest BBQ i never went to

so here i am, little old me, sitting at my desk researching books about web design for kids (there aren't many, let me tell you) ... and my friend comes over and tells me that the guys outside are barbecuing. now, we have these guys who hang out nextdoor. i don't know much about them, but i've heard they are nefarious types in a "questionable" line of work. so when my friend comes to tell me that "guys" are barbecuing "outside" i mistakenly assume that she means outside as in on their own property. so i shrug this off and go back to my research (do you know the only book i could find was from 2004? i'm sure web design has changed since then) anyway, she then returns and says she is concerned that they may be barbecuing on our property. so i investigate.
there is not a shadow of doubt that they are on our property. they are standing directly in front of the floor to ceiling windows that separate the library from the courtyard where we have two trees and a small sitting area. this can only be our property. and there they are, about 7 guys with a bbq ablaze. they've set up a small folding table. they're passing around aluminum pans filled with various meats. i've never seen anything like it.
now, i am a tough cookie. and i don't mind confronting patrons when i need to. but there is no amount of money that will get me outside telling these guys that they can't bbq here. have i mentioned that my 2 supervisors are out of the building and i am in charge right now? yeah.
as i said in an earlier post the environment here has changed as of late, and i am enjoying my job much more. however, i am not willing to put myself in harm's way for my job. nuh uh.
at first i thought i would just call the police. then, i decided i would call official library security. well, they were quite impressed with this predicament! i was told that security would be coming over to alert these fine gentlemen that bbqing on our property is not allowed. you know, insurance reasons. but as for now, it is still going on. maybe you'd like to stop by. i hear they just put steaks on the grill.

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Utpal Marshall said...

Those foolish boys, don't they know how serious it is to mix barbeques and books. The only thing they have in common is the letter b. Which is similar to the b's in bad boys. At least they could have offered you a tofu dog.