Saturday, May 24, 2008

a life without the internets is not worth living

ohmygod! i just got home from the most boring saturday at work EVER. our entire system was down. we couldn't check books in, or check them out, or look up anyone's account. the internet was down on both our employee computers AND the public computers. so every patron that came in, quickly left when they realized they couldn't go online. oh, it was so awful. the place was a ghost town. at first i tried to be productive. going through the new books that had come in, pulling out the summer reading books so that i could make a display. i even made a "book worm" out of construction paper, complete with googley eyes, so that the kids will be able to fill in the body of the worm with what books they read over the summer. its super cute. will post pics once i put it up. but then there were all these things i wanted to do that either involved using the catalog or going online. like ordering books. or checking which summer reading books we owned. or ordering craft supplies. so by afternoon i had run out of computer-free tasks. oh the humanity. i did two crossword puzzles, read Persepolis (very good. highly recommend it), ate my weight in candy, and then started to re-read the last harry potter book. thank god i am home so that i can check things online. oh, how did we ever live without the web?

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

That's a great question. I seriously don't know. But it's too horrible to imagine going back there!

mmmmm candy!