Thursday, May 22, 2008

tonsillitis still life

turns out i have tonsillitis. yup. didn't see that one coming. sinusitis and bronchitis are really my -itises of choice. anyway in honor of my infected tonsils i would like to do a little run through of my new meds:
1. antibiotics
2. allegra d - to dry out my massive congestion. my dr. couldn't see my sinuses. that's how congested i am. my sinuses cannot be found. but i assure you, they're there.
3. steroids (that's right i'm juicing) - in order to stop the swelling of my tonsils and nasal passages
4. zantac - because the steriods most likely will upset my digestive system
5. diflucan - because the antibiotics and the steroids might give me .... um ... lady trouble.
6. vitamins c & e
now, this is on top of me already taking singulair and nose spray and acidophillis and vitamin b daily. so now i am taking so many pills i can't fit them all in my old lady pill holder. impressive, no?


fifi said...

Once I marry my man, I will be your -itis of choice. With Knitis as my last name, I'll be an inflammation of myself.

This itis crap really does suck, though. And plays into your addiction to old-lady pill containers (druggie). I wish you & your sinuses the best of luck in getting back to normal & being seen again. At least a diagnosis & a treatment are better than random sickness with no end in sight.

If you get your tonsils out, the man & I'll make you your very own ice cream!

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

yes, i guess when you and your man get hitched you will be my favorite -itis. then sinusitis, and it's a toss up for third between bronchitis and tonsillitis.

you guys make your own ice-cream? my god, is there anything you can't do? i'm not supposed to eat dairy right now, so i bought some soy based dairy-free iced dessert. it's way better than it sounds.

fifi said...

Thanks for backing me up on that. It won't be easy to be an -itis, but it will be an honor. Ha -- I couldn't say that with a straight face on a good day.

We got an ice cream maker yesterday, so there's no end to what we can attempt. How it tastes is a different story -- we'll have a lot of experimentation to do. Are you referring to SoyDelicious? 'Cause that is some damn good dairy-free ice cream. We'll try to copy that at home as well.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

dude, shouldn't you be working? i'm home with tonsillitis ... what's your excuse?

fifi said...

I'm waiting for client comments, so I'm blogging & catching up on yours. And getting paid for it.

Ahem...I have 2 new posts.... :D