Friday, May 2, 2008

i can growl like a bear but i choose not to

today the wee little ones came in for a storytime. they really are cute. they're so small. we had a good storytime even though they were a bit rowdy and i felt that at any minute they could rise up and overtake me. but luckily they didn't. so it was fine.
we read the following books:
can you growl like a bear by john butler - it turns out that the kids can in fact growl like bears. they can also get out of their seats and start crawling like bears as well. just in case you were wondering.
zookeeper sue by chris demarest
brown bear brown bear what do you see by eric carle
charlie chick by nick denchfield
where's spot by eric hill
in the tall tall grass by denise fleming
all in all it was good. i feel like i need to switch things up and find some new books for next time. i'm getting sick of these books.

in other news a very strange thing has been going on at my library. at first i didn't want to mention it because i didn't want to jinx anything. but this has gone on all week and i feel i must comment. the atmosphere at my library has drastically changed this week. all of a sudden there is a friendly type environment, as opposed to everything being rife with tension. it's nice this new friendliness. it makes working here downright pleasant.
curious. very curious.


Librarian4Change said...

Hey, the EXACT SAME THING happened at my library! [Insert Outer Limits theme song here]

fifi said...

First, when did you start reading to Scottish children?

And second, what are all the librarians smoking that would make them a) read so many books about bears & b) all of a sudden be nice at lib'ary in the hood?

I, for one, am completely dumbfounded.