Wednesday, May 7, 2008

our little librarian is all grown up

don't worry, this won't be some sappy post about me turning 30 at the end of the month.
this morning i went to my new corner bodega, which i don't care for and try to avoid. you see, i kinda sorta live near the projects. i wouldn't even mind going to the projects bodega and enduring the friendly cat-calls. this morning someone called me snowflake! but in a nice way. i believe he first said something like, "damned i like the look of that girl (i have on a cute dress). ooooh, snowflake ..." anyway, i would tolerate this IF the bodega was like the kurdish bodega and was filled with all sorts of goodies for me to buy. but in reality this bodega kind of sucks and they don't have much of anything. so i went in there to get a tea because i couldn't make tea at home because i ran out of soy milk. so the guy gives my tea and i get into my car and drive away, only to realize that he gave me coffee instead. yuck coffee. i DO NOT drink coffee unless it is one of those chocolately frappaccino whipped cream extravaganzas that more closely resembles a milkshake. those i will drink. gladly. anyway ... i didn't want to go back so i decided to take a sip of the dreaded coffee. i have never in my life been able to drink an entire cup of coffee as i kinda find the taste to be completely disgusting.

but what do you know? it wasn't half bad. it's not as nice as tea, but it was drinkable. so i drank most of it, but i didn't finish it because i was a little concerned i might become "hopped up" on caffeine and possibly lose control of my better judgement. luckily, i feel fine. but does this mean i am now a coffee drinker? like a real grown up?

i hear this stuff is bad for you. i don't want to get addicted. whenever i go to a doctor they're always saying not to drink too much coffee. and i always pride myself on being ahead of the game on that one. and then they say to eat healthy. check. done. and then they say to exercise regularly and get enough sleep. done and done. around this point i always wonder why the hell i have any health problems at all. i am practically vice-free.

in conclusion ... don't be surprised if you see me in your local coffeeshop hopped up on espresso acting the fool.

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Maureen said...

Mee-shell, where have you been? Coffee (in moderation) is positively good for you. As is dark chocolate. So, enjoy-life is good.