Tuesday, May 29, 2007

FOUR day weekend! Sweeeeeeet!

i hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. i am happy to report that my holiday weekend is still going! this morning i decided to bike to the chinatown library where i was supposed to be farmed out to. but sadly when i got over the billyburg bridge i quickly found myself lost in chinatown with no idea where the library was. i even consulted a map, but it was no use. once i realized i was completely lost and was by this time late for work, i decided the best course of action would be to call in sick and ride back to brooklyn where i belong. so that's what i did. i have to say, i am getting very good at riding over the bridge.

so now, i have a fourth day off in a row! what am i doing with myself on this gorgeous day? i am visiting my neighborhood library. i am that lame. i've only been here once before and i realize now that even though it is a very small one-room library and most of the materials are in polish, it is still nicer than hell's library. which, leads me to the conclusion that all libraries are nicer than hell's library. but i digress. i only have 11 minutes left on my computer appointment. i wonder if you can access porn on these computers. hmmmmm.

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