Thursday, May 24, 2007

i pity the fool who comes into my library poorly dressed

ok, forget those stereotypes of old ladies with buns in their hair and glasses on a chain. today's librarians are fabulous and dare i say, fierce. so i believe that part of our role as public servants may also to help the fashionably-less-fortunate find their way. with that said i would like to tell you of some of the fashion faux pas that are going on right now ...

to my left there is a man with a sleeveless everlast tee, jeans and sneakers. not bad. BUT, he is wearing a LES hat. we are in the LES, we are so LES we are east of LES. you do not need to wear a hat proclaiming your dedication to our area. but this is not all. oh no. i am saving the best for last. this man is decked out in so much bling that i can only describe as bling of Mr. T proportions. serious bling. he's got chains. he got what appear to be medals. how he has earned these medals i have no idea.

then to my right there is a man with not so much a comb-over, but a comb-up. the majority of his head is shaved bald and then his remaining thinning hair is styled upwards into a pompadour. it's kind of like if donald trump went rockabilly.

i could help these people ... if only they'd let me.

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