Tuesday, May 15, 2007

pretty in pink

yay! my new phone has finally arrived! now, let me tell you all something. i have been truly suffering with my old phone. for the past year the battery on my stupid LG phone kept dying and i have been too cheap to buy a new one. and i have been eagerly awaiting this day when i get to upgrade to a new phone. so in the meantime, i have just been struggling with this piece of shit phone, charging it several times a day, trying not to make too many calls, conserving battery power, etc etc. and sometimes it will die after only ONE call! but then sometimes the low battery message will come up but then it really just needs to rest for a few minutes (phones get tired, too!) and then it will have a few more power bars in the battery. but those days are over! i just got the e-mail saying my new phone has been delivered. lately, they have been delivering things to my boyfriend since i am not home during delivery hours. and by boyfriend i mean the elderly mexican man who owns the bodega across the street and flirts with me when i come in drunk late at night looking for chipwiches. oh bodega-man, we have a date tonight .... a date with destiny. you, me, and my pink razor.

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