Saturday, May 12, 2007

something very strange is happening here

so, as i said ... i am here at bizarro library where everything is clean and neat and orderly and the patrons are polite and studious and non-insane. and i have noticed something. let me tell you of the something which i have noticed. patrons come up to me. they are curteous and ask me things like "where are the graphic novels?" and "i'm looking for a good book, do you have any recommendations?" these are things which i would consider to be appropriate questions for the library. and they use the library and it's materials in an appropriate fashion. and they are nice. and i am nice back. and the whole thing is, oh what's the word ... pleasant. it is a pleasant environment. they smile. i smile. it is nice. it is nice to be here. i am having a nice day.

but i shouldn't get used to this. monday i'll be back in hell's library.

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