Friday, May 25, 2007

my islander trump rockabilly loverman

he is back. did i mention he was of islander descent? it just makes the look even more complex. not only is it a comb-up pompadeur, but it even has a little twist down part in the front. so hot. i wish i had a camera but it would be totally inappropriate to take a picture of this man from my seat here at the reference desk. but let me tell you about his outfit. it is similar to an ensemble my grandfather would have put together (my grandfather being a man who would wear no less than three different styles of plaid at once) ... anyway, this guy has on gray pinstripe pants, a brown checkered suit jacket, a bright orange dress shirt, and a brown tie. it's very reeses pieces. hipsters, you could take a page out of this man's book. seriously, step it up cause you've got nothing on this guy.

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