Thursday, May 3, 2007

people may actually be listening to my ideas ... crazy, i know

so we have this ongoing problem where older kids are hanging out in the children's room because they want to use the children's computers instead of hanging out in the regular section of the library with the psycho crack addled adults. fair enough, who can blame them? but they cause trouble up there in the children's room and everyone is like, "ahhh, get these teenagers out of here!" so i said that if we had an area for teens with computers then they wouldn't have this problem.
oh no no! they said. can't be done! too expensive!
so then i mentioned that we have two computers that aren't hooked up to the internet (one of which has had an 'out of order' sign hung from it for the history of time). why you would have two computers without internet access in this day and age is beyond me. so i suggested taking these two computers and hooking them up to the internet and making them teen-only in the afternoons when the kids are out of school.
oh no no! the saidy said. can't be done! too expensive! hook up computers to the internet?! that's crazy talk.
so when they told me the wiring was the part that was too expensive i suggested hooking them up wirelessly. that's cheap. could be done for about $100. but no, that couldn't be done because no other library has only two computers hooked up wirelessly. and we are not allowed to do anything different or come up with any new ideas, even if they make perfect sense and are totally logical and reasonable. so then i suggested making the whole library wireless.
oh no no! they said. can't be done! too expensive! just because fifty-some odd other branches in the system are wireless doesn't mean you get to be wireless too!
so, it seemed like our heroine would not be able to get internet computers for the poor underserved teens of our fair city. internet? what do you think this is? the twenty-first century? but then, my beloved blog readers, i found out today that a team of technogeeks from the IT department will be coming to do a "wireless survey" tomorrow in hopes of connecting at least one computer to the internet.
1 point: me

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